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How does it work?

Using HR programmatic marketing, we assist recruiters in their thinking, and help them implement a tailor-made strategy based on required profiles and market potential.

Whatever the requirements (diversity, disability, shortage profiles, male/female equality, generation balance, etc.):


Take FULL advantage

of the Web


your employer brand and employment offers
into targeted advertising


Digitalise, monitor and optimize each point
of contact with your target audience

The three-stage approach 



This preliminary stage in the study allows us to connect our knowledge of the HR market and our data to your advertising strategy, in the most relevant way.

Audit, candidate profiling, competition benchmark... our data-based services enhance your potential on the employment market. You will have a precise activation plan to make a difference, target the right audience and awaken the profiles you seek, using the right messages. 


Following the research, analysis and preparation, comes your campaign creation: our Golden Studio team helps you create graphic elements to enhance your brand and gets them placed on various digital platforms.

Support for your creatives, A/B testing, promotion of your messages... We get you ready for the campaign kick-off!

Our unique HR marketing programmatic tools automatically optimise the purchase of advertising space in real time, promoting your employer brand messages and employment offers through the use of intelligent algorithms.

How do you benefit? You place your HR ads everywhere relevant on the Web, in front of both active and passive candidates.

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What advertising formats do we choose?

Golden Bees can create and use all kinds of web-based formats, embracing a complete digital HR strategy - display, video, audio, native ads, social networks, special formats, banners, website skins... Our Studio and Trading teams work hand-in-hand to get the right candidates to interact and apply.

Format Pub 1 (1)VIDEO

Create that emotional link

Video ads are a powerful way to create an emotional connection between a potential candidate and your company. They help telling a story. Through pictures and sound, the impact on the perception of your brand simply snowballs.

Format Pub 2 (1)


Make yourself visible in public places

Benefit from thousands of display panels around the world to widen your presence and get even greater impact! Display your employer brand on quality devices precisely where you want and in the most suitable contexts.

Format Pub 3 (1)RICH MEDIA

Effective communication with candidates

Rich Media banner formats developed in HTML5 make it possible to distribute dynamic, interactive and creative content. Rich Media helps creating more relevant messages to transform passive audiences into interested users.

Format Pub 4 (1)AUDIO

Get your employer brand embedded in people’s minds

Your HR spot is integrated into audio podcasts, such as web radio or streaming apps such as Deezer or Spotify. Your audio gets played precisely at the moment the user starts listening or downloading. Your message is targeted based on listeners' location, the context of the message and any other parameters associated with this medium.

Format Pub 5 (1)


Make the difference with a skin ad

Skin ads can reach up to five times the visibility of a classic advertising display. In addition to being non-intrusive, it creates a positive candidate experience which differentiates you from traditional advertising communication.

Bilan + Analytics


Our solution works like a one-stop-shop for online marketing: it analyzes the ROI of each communication platform and automatically adapts the range of communication channels accordingly.

All communication actions are carried out focusing on the return on investment, and with an eye on key performance indicators, regarding both your employer brand and recruitment strategy.

Our goal? We want to provide you with data that justifies your project and budget. We want to give you the power you deserve to make a difference within your company.

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