Why choose us?

Together, we reach the right candidate, in the right place,

at the right time

Reason 1: the power of our data

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Reason 2: the strength of our web experience

As a pioneer in the use of programmatic advertising in recruitment, we are able to provide a comprehensive support to companies thanks to several areas of expertise:

check-1 Surveys backed by state-of-the-art technology and relevant data, carried out by experts in the HR market.

check-1 HR Programmatic Marketing expertise dedicated to employer branding and candidate acquisition strategies for companies.

check-1 Technological innovation for our clients and partners based on a set of unique proprietary technologies tailor-made for the HR environment.

Reason 3: our technological leadership

We base our strength on technology and data to offer a smooth candidate experience, and develop solutions and products designed to address HR challenges both today and in the future.

The tip of the iceberg

Being able to display job offers using  targeted, smart ads using all the levers on the Web (aggregators, social media, company websites, etc.) and to generate qualified applications that enhance ROI.

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The rest of the iceberg

Using media to recruit is no longer enough. What is needed is connection to the full ecosystem, performance analysis for each source, and effective connection between the tools recruiters use.

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Our development capacity coupled with our media, technology and data partner network grant you full control over your operational activity. In short, you can: 

  • Take advantage of leading-edge technologies depending on your requirements

  • Expand your visibility on the most relevant media depending on your target audience

  • Connect employment websites to your ATS

  • Use your ATS data for more efficient targeted campaigns

How does your strategy benefit?



    Attract suitable candidates:

Our HR programmatic marketing method enables you to better target your audience and to take advantage of the huge potential of the Web.





Harness the potential power of HR data:

We help you understand and read your data so you can take the right decisions to optimize your recruitment strategy over the long haul.



Control every stage in your strategy:

Our model is designed to provide a custom-built approach through the solutions available at each stage of the recruitment process - pre-launch study, media activation, perfomance analysis.

What feedback from our customers? 



Golden Bees combines two major assets - web-marketing know-how that is second to none and a deep understanding of the HR ecosystem. Having these two skills at our fingertips means we can work more efficiently and optimize our recruitment campaigns in real-time.”


groupe ergalis x Golden Bees

The support of Golden Bees has helped us reach a much higher return on our recruitment investment, compared with using our traditional recruitment tools.”



"We have been able to reach shortage profiles  using the traditional channels while improving our return on investment at the same time.”



Our challenge is to strengthen our employer brand very quickly and to position Maisons du Monde as a strong player in recruitment, since we face  significant business growth.”


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Thanks to Golden Bees we have been able to reduce our bounce rate. It helped us understand why candidates didn't go through with the process and, as a result, to edit our approach depending on their behaviour.”



Thanks to Golden Bees we have been able to adapt our communication plan to attract qualified candidates, resulting from a better understanding of our target audience. This has helped us understand what attracts them, what they seek and to get a better appreciation of their professional profile.”



Golden Bees had a perfect understanding of our requirements. They orchestrated the contacts and demonstrated an understanding of the challenges facing our sector coupled with an expert view of the recruitment world.”

It’s your turn to energise your strategy! 

We are listening to you! 👍