Who are we?

For the past 7 years we have been creating the match 

between recruiters and candidates

1 vision 1 objectif

Putting HR at the heart of business performance

At Golden Bees, we believe HR plays a major role in a company’s growth: "a company is nothing more than its people" 

Today, recruitment takes place on the Web. 83% of hires start with an online search. Companies have to build a strong image to stand out and attract relevant candidates.

Our convictions

We promote challenge, innovation and caring

Our history


Golden Bees sees the light of day!

The result was the first case of programmatic advertising being used for the needs of HR - a revolution in the recruitment world! 



Golden Bees continues to grow, raising  €1.5 million in funds. 

The growth of the hive continues to help companies match candidates.


Golden Bees is a key player in the online job market and links up with the Groupe Figaro, France's leading media group.

Our goal: drive adoption of programmatic recruitment.


14 awards, 30 million offers broadcasted over the Web, more than 200 technologies developed, etc.

Golden Bees consistently supports 250 clients across all activity sectors.



More than 30 new Bees joined the hive to support its development and partnerships within the HR strategy ecosystem.




7 years of convictions shared with the marketplace, with technology, data and advertising at the heart of our unique approach for our clients!



What makes us unique

Ce qui nous rend unique

Plan de travail 13@300x-8Data 

We use HR-segmented data to make your recruitment strategy's efficiency.

Plan de travail 31@300x-8-2HR Intelligence

With 8 years’ experience, more than 60 expert bees work together to provide you with a precise understanding of your specific sector.

Plan de travail 4@300x-8


Target and engage with appropriate candidates all over the Web, and use relevant media based on their expectations and habits.

Plan de travail 22@300x-8-1


We connect you to your ecosystem (ATS, Publishers, etc.)through your main IT stakeholders. Our smart algorithms evolve over time to keep you a step ahead in your recruitment strategy.

Our Bees are HR experts

Of course, in Golden Bees, there's "bees"! Our creative and innovative staff advises our clients on the best recruitment strategy. Our experts keep watch to suggest cutting-edge approaches in the areas of tech, data and marketing.  

Our bees share the same values: integrity, dedication, responsibility, and agility.
They have the power to influence the employment market with their ideas. 

Giving the best of ourselves without restrictions is what makes us the coolest and most innovative hive on the market!

Need to improve your strategy?

We are listening to you! 👍